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Why Tantra ?

Tantra is basically technique which is used with the purpose of achieving. Tantra is the solution provided with the combination of spiritual and theoretical techniques. Many people in this world are suffering from various problems and are desperately trying to come out of the same. However, most of the people end up in frustration while finding some practical solutions to these problems. It is not that, the person lack in effort, but the solution don’t work. The person really does not know what to do next.
There are really some supernatural things that hinder a person’s effort and keep him in problem. The Tantra at this point helps the individual considerably in solving these problems and get out of all tedious & grim situations. They help to remove most of the unseen obstacles and provide best spiritual solution to overcome these deep rooted problems and achieve the success.

1. SantangopalKavacham

Many of the couples in today’s date are still waiting for their first child. The SantangopalKavacham helps to strengthen the beneficial planets necessary have a child. This Kavacham helps to remove all obstacles for having a child.

2. Neel SaraswatiKavacham

Kavacham protects an individual from bad planetary influences. Neel SaraswatiKavacham helps an individual to gain Jnana or knowledge. As GodessSaraswati is the giver of knowledge, this kavacham helps a person to excel in their academics.

3. MahamritunjpyKavacham

There are some people in this world who are fearful of life because of reasons like prolonged and incurable illness. TheMahamritunjpyKavacham helps an individual considerably to overcome the fear of life and bestows him with good health and confidence in them.

4. KuberKavacham

All people in these world desires of having a good wealth with him, however most of the people could not make even a half of the wealth of they desire. The two main reasons are their income is less and expenditure is high. The KuberKavacham helps an individual considerably to make a sizable amount of wealth towards them.

5. DhanlakshmiKavacham

Every individual desires that money should keep coming towards him. However, in spite of hard work, the individual does not get the desired money. This thing happens due certain obstructions. The person keeps the Dhanlakshmi with them, the money will surely flow towards him nicely.

6. NrishingaKavacham

The NrishingaKavacham will protect an individual from all the malefic powers which are troubling them and provide a beautiful life for a person wearing it. This Kavacham will bring lots of blessings towards you.

7. HanumansiddhiKavacham

The HanumansiddhiKavacham helps to decrease the malefic effects of the strong planet positions. This Kavacham helps an individual to achieve power to face any tough situation and achieve the success in all fields

8. Baglamukhi&MahabaglamukhiKavacham

Baglamukhi and MahabagalamukhiKavacham help an individual in defeating their enemies. It helps in defeating external enemies as well as internal enemies like moha, lobha, krodha, etc. It helps an individual to walk in a right path. This Kavacham helps an individual considerably in achieving his desired destiny.

9. JahnaviKavacham

This is one of the traditional Kavacham known since long years. JahnaviKavacham helps an individual to achieve the desired success in any activity they are doing and have nice blessings.

10. PrajapatiKavacham

The PrajapatiKavacham helps a person to get marriage early and achieve a desired life partner in their life. This Kavacham helps an individual to have a successful marital and family life.

11. SammohanKavacham

It is very difficult to achieve a desired goal from an adamant person. The SammohanKavacham will help an individual in attracting and influencing other person, to achieve their goal. This Kavacham will be very helpful to achieve a desired work.

12. MahanabagrahaKavacham

It becomes very difficult for an individual to live when he does not achieve desired success. This MahanabagrahaKavacham will help to achieve success and make his goals accomplish easily.