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Our Services

In this world, you can see some people happy, some people sad. However, happiness and sadness is not constant in anybody’s life. The life of an individual shows happiness on some occasions and sadness on some other occasions. If the happiness is for longer duration, the life of individual is very pleasant. If the sadness is for longer duration then the life becomes very miserable and individual gets frustrated in his life.

There are different problems in life faced by people like Infertility (M/F), Educational progress , Chronic/Critical Health Related Problems, Unemployment & Job stability, Infidelity & Unstable Marriage, Financial Crisis, Mentally retarded cases, Protection from Enemy, Business problems, Bottlenecks for New Venture or any Legal dispute, Vaastu Dosh Khandan, Kaalsharpa Dosh, Khandan, Graha Dosh Khandan. At this point, the Tantra solution helps people considerably to solve his problems and bring some positive vibes in his life.

We are an effective tantrik solution provider, palmist, tantrik vashikaran totke specialist, black magic specialist, good astrologer in Thane, Mumbai, India. Arunava Roy is one of the Best Tantra consultants for powerful vashikaran mantra and vidhi, tantrik vashikaran in Mumbai, India. He has a wide & varied experience in Tantra consulting. Arunava Roy is a disciple of famous spiritual leader, Srimat Swami Paramatmananda Ji Maharaj (MahaMandaleshwar, MahaNirvaniAkhada/Sampradaya). He is one of the best ever tantrik solution provider of different problems like marriage, business or anything. Here, the solution is provided by studying various Astro-Graphological analyses.


Astrology studies different cosmic objects like’s stars, planets and their influence on the life of humans. The astrology determines various aspects in human life like their relationships, their progress, their personality, their nice times, their fortunes, etc. All these are determined on the basis of positions of different cosmic objects during a person’s birth.
There are two types of Astrology, European Astrology and Indian Astrology. According to European Astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs according to the month of birth of a particular person. According to European Astrology, the behavior of human depends on the zodiac sign to which they belong. Vedic Astrology is one of the oldest Astrology, which was originated in India. According to the Vedic Astrology, the fortune of humans depends on the position of different celestial objects and the birth time, day, place of a person. The Vedic Astrology has a great advantage as it has been practiced since ancient times and has been giving more accurate analysis and predictions.

Handwriting Forecast

Handwriting Forecast is the method of analyzing, understanding and identifying the personal traits of a human through his handwriting. Handwriting analysis is one of the modern techniques used to determine a human character. Handwriting forecast is also called as Graphalogy. It determines various characters of a human through his handwriting. Handwriting tells us various things about human traits like their energetic level, motivation, emotional behavior, dedication, etc.
Tantra Sanyog helps in Graphalogical Analysis considerably to determine the personal character of a person in a more accurate way. It can determine various human traits like whether he is extrovert or not, economic stability, practical, imaginary, relationship status, emotional behavior, etc. Tantra Sanyog provides best ever Graphalogical analysis in a very sophisticated method to determine the human character.

Palm Reading

Palm Reading is the method of analyzing and understanding the personal traits of a person by reading his palm. The palmistry has its origin from India and China. From ancient times, the Indian and Chinese people have been analyzing to predict the people’s character through palm reading. It also includes studying the fingernail, finger and hand shape. Through Palm reading it is easy to determine and predict a person’s traits like career, wealth, health, relationship status, emotional stability and various other aspects.
Tantra Sanyog helps an individual to determine the problems and character of a person in a more refined way. Tantra Sanyog provides the best possible solution for a person who is going through deep rooted problems and trouble. It is really one of the solutions to depend & repose.

Best Ever Tantric Solution

Arunava Roy with his impeccable knowledge, wide & varied experience and with the blessings of great viracharitantraSadhakSrimat Swami Paramatmananda Ji Maharaj , stands out to be one of the best Tantrik solution providers in India. Many people who have faced various problems like Educational progress, Infertility (M/F), Unemployment & Job stability, Chronic/Critical Health Related Problems, Financial Crisis, Infidelity & Unstable Marriage, Protection from Enemy, Mentally retarded cases, Kaalsharpa Dosh Khandan, Vaastu Dosh Khandan and various different problems have got solution through Tantra Sanyog.
Arunava Roy has got various divine experiences, mastered different tantrik solutions and has successfully given solutions to people across successfully.